From Ashes to Hope

 Join our journey to build The Vedic Path's permanent home

The Vedic Path, originating in Jakarta and finding its spiritual home in Bali in 2017, faced a devastating setback on June 19th, 2023, when fire consumed our beloved sanctuary. Undeterred, we now embark on a determined journey to build a new permanent spiritual home, inviting you to help realize our vision. 

With the expertise of Yoga Acharya Nilesh Tiwari and Ayurveda practitioner Yuli Tan, we aim to create a space embodying Vedic principles—a sanctuary for mind, body, and spirit. We envision crafting more than just a structure. We aim to create a spiritual haven. 

We invite you to join us on this extraordinary journey of rebuilding. Together, we can bridge the fund gap from now until the completion of our spiritual home, where we will continue to offer transformative experiences, healing practices, and guidance to all who seek solace, balance, and connection. Your support is vital in rebuilding this spiritual haven.

Help The Vedic Path in writing our next chapter, where resilience, renewal, and the power of community unfold. 

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How you can help:

Your direct contributions will fuel the reconstruction of our permanent home. 

Explore our range of services and products, each purchase supporting our cause.

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