1. All our contractual relations will be governed exclusively by Indonesia law.
  2. Purpose of Fundraising: The fundraising campaign is aimed at completing the building of the Vedic path, including the structure, furniture, and equipment.
  3. Specific Project: The funds raised will be used exclusively for this specific project and will not be allocated to any other purpose.
  4. Donor Eligibility: The fundraising campaign is open to everyone, and there are no restrictions based on age or geography.
  5. Use of Funds: All funds raised will be used solely for completing the building of the Vedic path as described above.
  6. Incentives for Donors: Donors will receive incentives or rewards based on the options they choose when making their donation.
  7. Transparency and Accountability: Regular updates on the progress of the fundraising campaign will be posted on the website, and donors will receive personal email updates. All funds will be used transparently and accounted for.
  8. Vedic Principles: While there are no specific Vedic principles governing the fundraising campaign, all activities related to the campaign will be conducted in accordance with Vedic teachings and values.
  9. Donation Process: There is no preference for donation methods, and donors can choose the method that is most convenient for them.
  10. Dispute Resolution: Any disputes or complaints related to the fundraising campaign will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  11. Confidentiality of Donor Information: Donor information will be kept confidential unless the donor requests otherwise.
  12. Legal Compliance: The fundraising campaign will comply with all applicable laws and regulations regarding fundraising in the jurisdiction.
  13.  Refunds and Cancellations: There will be no refunds or cancellations of donations. All donations are final. 
  14. Branding and Intellectual Property: There are no specific branding or intellectual property guidelines for donors to be aware of. 
  15. Communication of Updates: Updates and progress on the fundraising campaign will be communicated to donors via personal emails and updates on the website and web app. 

By donating to the Vedic path fundraising campaign, donors agree to these terms and conditions. The Vedic path reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions at any time without prior notice.